The second period of the Master course me and my 7 classmates will be working as a studio: as of now we are Tiny Cake Studio! We will be working on three projects for actual clients.

I’m very excited to be working for Ambassadors, Submarine and Ranj these upcoming weeks.

I’ll be the producer of all three projects. I will make sure everyone sticks to our busy schedule so we can deliver every awesome project on time. So far so good! I will also be working on each of the projects in a different role. Scroll down to read more about the projects.

For Ambassadors we’re creating several short artist impressions for their cloud-based platform called Cube. It’s used for storing files and sharing video’s with broadcasters. Cube is mostly used by big advertising agencies and other creative companies. We’re adding a creative and artsy touch to their product.

For Ambassadors I’m working on a short frame by frame animation for the Cube-feature “Render in any format”. I’ll be making fluent transitions between different objects. I’ll be using TV Paint, which is a fairly new program to me: yesss! I’ve chosen to go with a more minimal/serious style than these sketches show.







For Ranj we’re working on an epic explainer video. It will explain the gamification Ranj is developing for their client Albert Heijn. I’m guiding the project and helped with the concepting and storyboarding.

For Submarine we’re working on a scene that’s part of a new 2D television series. Their team of over 70 people is working on the series at the moment. In the Tiny Cake team I’m one of the junior animators and will be working in Toon Boom Harmony. Another new program for me, so let the learning begin!