It’s been quite hectic for the past four months. During the second period of becoming a Master of Animation me and my classmates formed a studio: Tiny Cake Studio. I’ve been working as the studio producer to make sure that all projects ran smoothly and we delivered everything on time.


Together we’ve made an epic animation for &Ranj that explained their gamification for Albert Heijn. For Submarine we worked on a scene for their new animated series called Wellie Wishers for a big international client. And we created six artist impressions for Cube, the cloud platform created by Ambassadors.

For Ranj I’ve also guided the project as a director which was so much fun. However many years I may have been working on explainer videos, this was a completely fresh experience! It’s so much fun when there’s no limits and you can actually try new (and less serious) things. Unfortunately I cannot show the work online yet. Hopefully I can show an update soon!

I especially loved working on the project for Ambassadors. Everyone made their own interpretation of one of the many Cube features. I chose to work on “Render in any format”. I created a frame by frame, digitally hand drawn animation in which different feel-good objects transform into one another. The animations will be part of the Cube promotion campaign that’s coming up. Until then, here’s a tiny storyboard for one of the transitions in my animation:

This was the first time I’ve actually made a project using TV Paint instead of After Effects. And I really love this slow but steady way of working. It has so much more personality than the many presets in After Effects. I really had to adjust to thinking ahead so many steps before starting the animation. It takes quite some time but it also really feels like you’ve actually ‘made’ something substantial.

The second period was closed of by presenting our work and process within our studio roles. Ania Markham, the great executive producer for Post Panic, was there to give us her professional feedback. This was truly exciting and also a bit scary since I was our team producer. Her comments had a big impact on me and gives me plenty to think about in the upcoming months! Animator? Producer? Both?

Overall everyone (me included) was very positive about the second period and I got an 8 and a 9 to prove it: whoop!!