The third period went by so fast! These past few months I’ve mainly been focused on research for my graduation project. In my quest for the right story to tell I’ve been absorbing as much inspiration as I could by going to a variety of festivals, films and museums.

In February and March I’ve visited the Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht), Anima and the RenĂ© Margitte museum (Brussels). The amazing animators Joost Jordens, Vera van Wolveren, Harm van de Ven and Mascha Halberstadt presented their work during The Kick. And I saw many great stories and visual styles passing by: here’s a short list of my personal favorite animations:

Another great inspiration was the Maarten Baas and Rodin expositions at the Groninger museum. I especially enjoyed Maarten Baas’ work called 200 years: using a forest to spell the slogan ‘new‘ when seen from a birds perspective or the enormous tree that will literally grow a chair in two-hundred years.

At St Joost some inspiring people came over to share their insights. Such as screenwriter Dirk Gerritsen who really helped clarify my idea on how to tell a good story. And Joost Lieuwma who shared his way of working on his animated shorts called CartoonBox and his latest film Paniek.

After weeks and weeks of getting sucked deeper into a swamp of ideas I finally found my focus! If you want to read more about my graduation project please read this post.

Here are some examples of other peoples work that inspired my graduation project:

From left to right: Matthew Korbel-Bowers, Lourdes Sanchez, Garima Dhawan, Hvass&Hannibal, Lazar Markovich Lissitzky, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Antonio Vicentini, Serge Najjar, , Unknown, Unknown

Drew Tyndell, Edgar Ferrer, Antionio Vicentini, Daniel Savage, Yukai Du