Iris and Rik biking to Akv St Joost

Iris and Rik cycling to Akv St Joost

This website is a showcase of my experiences and creations made during the one year Master of Animation program at AKV St Joost in Breda. This gives me (and others who might be interested) an overview of what I’ve been up to so far.

My main goal of this Master is to find a good balance between my personal creations and my other more commercial work at Explanimates and Vier.

When I graduated in 2010 from Art Academy Minerva (Groningen) I immediately started working as a freelancer. Over the course of six years I’ve really grown as a ‘business woman’. Especially in 2015 when starting a second company (Explanimates) with my best friend Sylvia. We’ve helped each other grow more professional and take on bigger projects.

However I’ve paid less attention to my personal work and just making animations for fun (because it’s fun!). The Sint Joost Master program perfectly fitted my creative needs. So far it’s been a great adventure!

At the moment I’m mostly interested in working on experimental storytelling and producing animation. I would love to make interactive, educative animations or storybooks.

Summertime at Akv St Joost

Summertime at Akv St Joost